Lebron the Coach back at it again

If you come at Lebron the player you better be ready to face the consequences. Lebron the coach is not going to be happy with you going at Lebron the player. https://twitter.com/FanRagSports/status/849654779555053569 God forbid you talk back to "The King" https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/848708957178875906 Can't wait to see the Cavs implode and Lebron to leave Cleveland to build a … Continue reading Lebron the Coach back at it again

Wainwright blames his flop on “safety”

  Adam Wainwright threw one of the worst pitches in MLB history last night https://twitter.com/Andrew__Carter/status/849431000811790336 " The motive behind the pitch was '"safety". Wainwright spotted Molina moving to a place that made him vulnerable for the pitch he was about to see – as if the catcher was expecting a curveball and there, in Wainwright’s … Continue reading Wainwright blames his flop on “safety”