Rory to TaylorMade

1,2,3. That is the world rankings of the top TaylorMade players. That is, in a word, good.

The talk of the town has been the new Callaway EPIC driver, but why aren’t more guys switching to Callaway? Is it the irons? Is it the EPIC not being as good as it is touted?

Callaway was clearly in the running to sign Rory but wasn’t able to. Was it a question of money? Was it a question of performance?

If I was betting I would say that their top irons are not to the quality of the TM irons and that the EPIC is not that much better than the new M1/M2 or whatever TM is calling their latest driver. Because of this, Rory, as well as a lot of the top players, are going with TM over Callaway. If Callaway wants to be a player, they need to make some advancements/changes in the iron technology.

My personal theory on the EPIC is that the face is hotter and that is why the average consumer is getting more yardage. Per USGA rules the clubface can only be so thin, to limit distance (maybe limit the ball as well, fuck-faces). The products for the average consumer are meant to last years, not months, whereas for the professional the lifespan of a club does not matter.

So what does this mean? Callaway is pushing the limit on the club face width to the average consumer, increasing distance but also decreasing the lifespan of the club. For the average consumer it just means they get a little more yardage and get to feel a little bit better about themselves on the course. For the professional it means something entirely different: the EPIC isn’t that much better.

TM/Cobra/Titliest can all get the club face as this as the EPIC and as close to USGA rules as needed for their professional players. The advantage that the EPIC has for the average consumer is not an advantage for the professional player. We aren’t seeing the big guys sign with Callaway because the Driver Tech isn’t that much better than other companies, it is just better for the average consumer.


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