Yankees Rotation Thoughts, Prelude

I am still not sold on CC, but if he gives us 4–>4.50 ERA I will be very happy. His K/9 is down and BB/9 is up. His LOB% is high which isn’t sustainable esp with a lower K/9 rate. I would like to see his hard hit % to see if he is actually inducing soft contact or is getting lucky.

Montgomery is showing me everything for a strong #3 starter. He could be a 3.50–>3.00 ERA guy which would be awesome. I really like his stuff and arm angle (which they love talking about on the broadcast)

Severino looked great last night as he has all year. ERA is a little high compared to how he’s pitched but he’s looked really great.

Not worried about Tanaka

Pineda: I see him as a strong #2 starter going forward. He has great “stuff” and could be an ice. He led the majors in K/9 last year, but it seemed like he couldn’t get out of his own way last year. If Pineda figures it out between his ears, which he seems to have, then there is 0 chance the Yankees trade him.

More on Pineda: His BB/9 has been cut in half compared to last year

His K/9 is really Strong, which means his higher LOB% is justified. I think his past LOB% was off the spectrum low compared to what it should be. If he can get to about 75-80% his ERA right now is justified.

I really want to see him back to going 7 or more. Last start was only 5 innings, and obviously his first start was 3.2 bringing down his average. An ace, which he has the talent to be, goes deep in games, I would like to see that from Pineda this year.


Will do a statistical deep dive for next week


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