United just can’t catch a break


-I guess United is beating on its customers, now?

-Hey, United, what did those clubs ever do to you?

-United needed to pick on someone their own size, the Asian Dr. was too tough for them.

*Fucking got em”

This really had to be a shitty feeling. You’re all pumped to play a tournament, you get your bag, and boom ejected. These Web Dot Com guys just grind grind grind and it’s really got to suck to have this happen. I’m not sure what the deal is with sponsorship’s etc, and I’m sure that he is just getting some free replacements so it may not matter but just seeing your clubs snapped like that HAS to suck. I’m not even sure how that is physically possible. Golf clubs are usually wrapped tightly or in a hard-shell case, what type of punishment did these clubs take for this to happen?

Lesson to all you Wed dot com guys, that is why you fly Southwest (shoutout to Southwest for never breaking  my clubs knock on wood).

Or ya know, just take the heads off your sticks and put them in your carry-on


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