Lebron James is an asshole: part 6

Can someone, anyone please ask Lebron James why him turning off the game is cheating the kids? He won’t cheat the kids? How is he cheating the kids? Do you think the guys on UNC or Gonzaga are saying “Fuck I really hope Lebron was watching that”?

This is just another case of Lebron saying that he is the center of the universe. He tries to act humble but in reality he is a smug douchebag who thinks the world revolves around him.

It’s not Lebron’s fault either. His whole entire career everyone has been saying that he is the next Jordan, hearing that from 8th grade probably changed his psyche. He thinks he’s the center of the Universe because he’s been told that for his entire life. In reality no one gives a shit if Lebron watched that game, let alone the “kids” that he is supposedly saving by watching it.

Here is my message to Lebron: Be fucking normal, don’t be so arrogant. The world does not revolve around you. Every time you open your mouth I hate you more and more.


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