The Mummy: Trailer #2

Using “Paint It Black” is straight up cheating in movie trailers. It’s like using the Johnny Cash version of “Hurt’, every time I hear it I get excited.

-I actually like this trailer, gives a good plot synopsis without revealing anything that seems like a spoiler. Tom Cruise is a phenomenal actor so yes I will be seeing this.

-Russell Crowe with a surprise cameo, I’m interested in seeing what becomes of his character (Update/Spoiler: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

-We get a bad-ass chick Mummy, Tom Cruise, Russell Crow, and the chick from Peaky Blinders, this is going to be fucking good

-We may get some ties to the original “Mummy” series which would be some cool Easter eggs

-Overall: I’m excited, Tom Cruise has never made a bad movie, Russell Crowe seems to actually be acting nowadays, and the Mummy has the potential to be a fun franchise




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