Major League Baseball is Dumb: Reason 193567230 and 193567231

The start of baseball is magnificent, the grass is green, the birds are singing, no one is paying any attention to their real jobs, and Major League Baseball is fucking it up.

First: All home games should be played in the south or in a dome. There is not reason for a Chicago White Sox game to be played outside in under 50 degrees. There is no reason for Minnesota to open the season at home when they are playing outdoors. Sometimes you get awesome days like today, 50+ and sunny in NYC, but most of the time you get cold, rainy, damp baseball. This isn’t fun for the fans and diminishes the product on the field. (Sidenote every teams home opener should be on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, none of this Monday bullshit)

Second: Why so many off-days in the beginning of the year? 2 days off out of 3 to start the year? Playing 6 games in 8 or 9 days? Both of those are dumb situations that arise from the schedule makers. The argument is that players, especially pitchers, are getting geared up for game speed. Well, what about spring training? If players don’t take spring training seriously then that is on them and the ball-club. Spring training allows ample time for a pitcher to get ready,  having an extra off day in April makes no logical sense. Also these guys A) just had 5 months off, they are rested 2) are professional athletes why do they need 2 days off surrounding 1 game, and D) would much rather have an extra day off in the dog days of summer than in the brisk April air.

In terms of the schedule, give them one day off in the first week or two, and save days off for later in the season where they will be worth more. We have seen it in the past where we get to late September and there are make-up games that need to be played, but no date for them to play them on. Just move an off-day from April to August or September, giving players an extra day of rest when they will actually need it instead of in April when they really don’t.

It’s a very simple change that has no downsides, make it happen MLB


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