Tiger Woods not playing the Masters

Well, fuck.

I really can’t say I’m surprised, he hasn’t played a round since February 2nd and the only updates anyone has gotten has been a small soundbite that said he was doing everything he can to play. We are in a new era of golf with a TON of talent and Tiger not playing feels symbolic/ The story this week is not going to be all on Tiger playing or not, instead it’s going to be any of the following:

Is DJ going to be the next dominant guy on tour? He’s won 3 events in a row before taking the Shell Houston Open off and  has won in convincing fashion, if he wins the Masters it will cement him at #1 for the year.

Can Rory get the career grand slam? He is missing The Masters and, even though was hurt earlier this year, his recent play suggests he should be competitive on Sunday. The course should set up well for Rory and he should be attacking pins all weekend

Spieth rebound? After the blow up on 12 last year, can Spieth put himself in another position to win and learn from his mistakes, I’m betting he can.

Rickie: Rickie has been playing lights out recently, can he put 4 rounds together at Augusta to pull it off

Young Guys: There is a ton of young talent right now. From Thomas to Rahm to Reed to Hatton to Grillo to Fleetwood, there is a TON of talent out there right now. Watch out for the young guys stealing the show.

See already we are forgetting about Tiger not playing (weeping incessantly)

I really hope that Tiger just takes time off, comes back at the end of the year and plays a few events, makes sure he is 100% healthy, and then we’ll see what he can do the following year. This year there will be no Tiger, but there are other stories that should and will take the spotlight and we should embrace them.


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