“CUT GOLF CO.” Golf Ball Review

Firstly one suggestion for Cut Golf Co. –> get a new name

Searching for the website on google was not easy. There are a lot of SEO traffic with the terms “Cut”, “Golf” and “Golf Balls”. Even searching “Cut Golf co. golf balls” did not yield any simple results. The website can be found at www.cutgolfco.com  but the website is not operational. All you see is this:

cut golf co.JPG

They reached out via twitter after I asked Costco about the K-sigs, to no avail, and sent me a free sleeve of golf balls. This review will be on thier, what I assume to be, top golf ball the “4U”

Logo: The Logo from their website looks pretty cool. I like the hexagon shape and how it isn’t a vanilla logo. It also isn’t just parallel, there is some character to the logo. The name is clear and easy to read as well.


As you can see, the packaging looks great. The colors and logo mesh well and it is interesting. It is both straightforward and interesting, compared to the box for the ProV which is pretty straightforward. Having an interesting package is good for marketing the product, something that a company like Cut Golf Co. is going to need. Being a small company getting people to talk about the product in any good way is a huge plus.

Putting Feel:

I hit five different high quality balls to try and discern a specific feel for the Cut Golf Co. ball. I hit the Kirkland Signautre, Titleist ProV1, the Nike RZN Tour Platinum, the Nike RZN Tour Black, the Callaway Super Soft and the Cut Golf Co.

cut putting test.jpg

Overall: I would say the ball felt very similar to the ProV and K-sig. It felt to the touch like a urethane cover and utilizing the bite test (I literally bit the ball). Both to the hand and the bite made the ball feel soft.

Off the face it came off just like the K-Sig and ProV. Maybe I don’t have the putting touch but it came off the putter well. It came off a little bit hotter than other but it seemed like a good and high quality ball.

I didn’t love the Callaway SuperSoft but that’s more personal preference.

So far Cut Golf Co. passes the first test

Ball Striking

I normally play the Kirkland Signature ball so I will mainly be comparing the Cut Golf Co. Ball to that.

Overall for my Driver and Long Irons I got about the same distance that I would playing the Kirkland Signature. There was a different sound than the K-sig but performance wasn’t affected by it. The yardage was about the same but any differences seem to be more user error than the ball’s fault.

Short-Irons/Wedges: Checked up well around the green. It seems that anything with a urethane cover is going to check up well. I didn’t have any scuff issues that I get after 6-7 holes with my K-sig so that was definitely a plus


Overall Quality

A good solid ball. In my opinion anything with 3-4 layers with the outside layer being urethane is a top ball. These types of balls get the distance you want and the urethane cover gives you the control around the green. It would be a cost issue for me, if they can come in under the K-Sig, if/when the K-Sig comes back, then I would definitely play the Cut Golf Co. ball.  I don’t really like the name and think that could end up hurting them.


UPDATE: Their site is live right now so go check them out at  www.cutgolfco.com 


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