Didi’s hurt shoulder and what is next at Short

Well it’s being reported through multiple outlets that Didi Gregorious is having some shoulder issues. He is leaving the WBC and headed back to Florida to get everything scoped out. This would be a huge blow to the Yankees as there really is no suitable replacement.

Let’s try and predict what the Yanks can do:

Move Starlin to SS, Refsnyder/Wade/Torreyes to 2nd base

Really don’t like this move at all. Refsnyder isn’t that great but it does get him MLB at-bats. They need to figure out what to do with him sooner rather than later so maybe he can play some 2nd base and develop some value. Castro is familiar with short but hasn’t played there in 1.5 years. He was pretty bad defensively there for the Cubs so I would prefer to keep him at 2nd base.

Tyler Wade: Has shown himself to be a good defensive player that can handle SS this spring. I’m not sure if his bat is ready but apparently the Yankees want him to be a Ben Zobrist type of player. Girardi will need to get him some ABs before the regular season, but the kid has potential.

Torreyes: What probably will happen, depending on the severity of the injury, is to slot this guy in at SS for the time being. Maybe they promote Tejada and keep Torreyes as a utility guy, letting Wade develop more at AAA.

Gleyber Torres: The Yankees #1 prospect right now is going to be an absolute stud, but right now is not the time to call him up. He is only 20 years old and while he has a good approach at the plate still needs to develop both offensively and defensively. He murdered the ball in the Arizona Fall league so the talent is there, but the skills need to be refined. He may be the long term answer at SS, 2nd, or 3rd but right now the Yankees should keep him in the minors to develop.

The next question is how long will Didi be out. If it is 6 months then something is going to have to change, if its 6 weeks then maybe roll with Torreyes and Wade.

The lineups that Girardi showcases over the next week will give Yankee fans good insight into if Wade will start the year in the Majors or minors.


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