Yankees Spring Training: 3/8 Lineup and Notes

Gardner LF

Ellsubry CF

Sanchez C

Holliday DH

Bird 1B

Castro 2B

Headley 3B

Hicks RF

Torreyes SS

Severino P

I think this will, for the most part, be the starting lineup this spring

Joe going with Gard-Ells up top seems to be a pattern and even though its not as balanced I do believe it will be seen most often

Loving Sanchez/Holliday/Bird at 3-5 and even like Castro there at 6 with Headley at 7 giving some nice balance

Then you slot Judge in for Hicks and Didi in for Torreyes

The issue with Didi at 9 is then you have 3 lefties in a row

I maybe you move Didi to 7, headley to 8 and Judge to 9; either way a pretty stacked lineup that has the potential for both balance and power


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