Is SWAT the best action movie of the last twenty years?

Rhino Thoughts

I just re-watched SWAT the other day for at least the 10th time and I can say with conviction there is no other movie perfect for a Saturday morning. You’re hungover and tired after a long night of drinking and SWAT comes on FX, the odds of you changing the channel are practically 0%. Why is SWAT a great movie, because you get everything you want without being bashed over the head.

SWAT is the story of the every-man hero, before the industry got obsessed with superheros. Yes some studios do a good job with their superhero movies and tying them seamlessly to each other but today that’s all there is, another superhero movie on top of another superhero movie. There is no realism associated with today’s superhero movies. There is limited connection to the superheros because they don’t really exist, and New York City hasn’t been attacked by aliens in the…

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