About Clint Frazier’s Hair

 Quick Recap and my viewpoints of the Yankees hair rule:

This has been a hot button issue for Yankee fans this spring. The Yankees have a rule that you must be clean shaven below the lip and your hair can not go beyond your collar.George Steinbrenner instituted this rule in the 1970’s and I, surprisingly, enjoy this rule. There is a professionalism that goes with this rule that no other team has. It’s fun to talk about guys having to cut their straggly beards or long flowing locks when they get traded to/or sign with the Yankees. It’s a fun discussion and it both gives the Yankees character and professionalism. Tradition seems to be fading a bit in baseball, rivalries aren’t as heated so let’s keep one tradition in place. Some will say it’s minor and we should just let everyone do what they want, but the Yankees aren’t like every other team. The Yankees are a team that has the most World Championships out of any other.

People say “Baseball should be more FUN!” or “Baseball is dying”. First, baseball is fun, its a game of anticipation and patience paired with excitement. Secondly, baseball is not dying. Whoever says that baseball is dying really hasn’t looked into the revenue numbers from the sport.

Alright after that aside let’s get to Clint Frazier. 



Clint Frazier is the #2 prospect for the Yankees. His bat is as fast as his hair is red. There have been articles about his fair saying that the Yankees should let him rock the look and give some personality to their team. First this team is going to be full of personality, especially when Clint makes the big club. He’s already recruiting Harper to come play for the Yankees, having his hair long won’t change that.

Frazier is going to follow the rules and trim his hair when he is asked to. In the grand scheme of things it’s not going to change the performance on the field. As much fun as it would be to see him rocking the flow, carrying on the tradition that George implemented is more important. Having the professional look may not be important to other teams, but it is an identifier for the Yankees.

This team is going to be a lot of fun to watch. The talent is unbelievable and Clint cutting his fair won’t change that.





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