Yankees ST Lineup and Notes 3/2

Hicks RF

Sanchez C

Bird 1B

Holliday DH

Castro 2B

Headley 3B

Refsnyder LF

Frazier CF

Torres SS

Warren P

Interesting to see Hicks leading off, maybe trying to get him some more ABs and more comfortable. Don’t want to see it during the year but with Gardner and Ellsbury seemingly getting a day off its fine

Refsnyder in LF-Finding him a position could be important with his ability to hit. Still think he starts in AAA before finding a spot in the majors at the end of the year

Frazier in CF- very interesting, if he could get comfortable there it would be amazing for the future of this team. I’m not sure how he grades out there but it’s more Joe experimenting it seems

Warren-Starting but he’s been told he’s going to be in the pen. Since he’ll only throw 2-3 innings today not much to look into

Torres-SS more innings for Torres at short with Didi out at the WBC. Love it


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