Rahm to the Euro Tour

Jon Rahm has joined the European Tour, giving him Ryder cup eligibility for Europe.

What this means: good for Rahm, he is a native of Spain so will be eligible for the European Ryder Cup Squad. He went to college in the US so it’s interesting that he’s opting to go back to Europe. Obviously he’ll be playing in the Majors and WGC events, but he’ll mainly be playing a bunch of Euro tournaments.  This is great news for the Euro Tour which statistically is not as good as the PGA tour, giving the Euro tour a young marketable golfer. Rahm did very well in California winning the Farmers Open.

Ryder Cup: The US was victories this past Ryder cup breaking a long streak used a contrived system to pick a team seemed a little weird but that is a story for a different day. Rahm is a long bomber which really would’ve helped the Euros at Hazeltine. The 2018 Ryder Cup will be played at Le Golf National in Paris, France, so home field goes to the Europeans this go around. We will see the Euros try and use their home course advantage to fit their playing style just as the Americans did. If nothing else Rahm gives the Euros a bomber who can make a lot of birdies and eagles, something that is very important in Match Play. Rahm will give the Euros someone to match up against the Justin Thomas’ on the US squad.

Watch out, Ryder Cup 2018 just got a whole lot more interesting




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