Yankees ST Lineup 3/1

Gardner LF

Ellsbury CF

Castro 2B

Holliday DH

Carter 1B

Headley 3B

Romine C

Judge RF

Torreyes SS

Mitchell P

Big big big time pop today with Holliday/Carter/Judge all in the lineup

Girardi going with his normal top of the order

I like hitting Castro at the top of the lineup to get him some cracks at it.

Don’t like Judge being so far down the lineup, prefer him to swap with Headley here

Not sure about Carter at first, but against a lefty he’ll probably be playing there, hopefully he can hold his own but some bad spring training results may make Girardi shy away from him there during the season

Torreyes-playing everywhere fighting for that super-utility role. Again no Didi since he’s at the WBC so look for Mateo/Torres to sup in later in the game

Very interested to see how Mitchell performs to start, hope to see some life on the FB and if he’s been developing his secondary pitches


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