Split Squad Results from 2/28

Yankees vs. Detroit:Yankees win 9-5

Nice day for:

Gardner: 2/3 with a run

Ellsbury: 0/1 but with 2 BB. Will be important for Ellsbury to have a strong OBP if he’s going to stick at the top of the lineup this year

Sanchez: 2/3 with a HR

Carter: 1/2 with a Homerun, nice to see him get on the boared this spring

Headley: 2/3

Tanaka: First start this spring and he has 2.0 IP with 2Ks and threw 25 pitches

Everyone seemed to hit in this game

Tough go:

Holliday: 0/2 with 2Ks

Romine: 0/2

Hicks: 0/3 with 2 strikouts, again why is he here?

Yankees At Boston: Yankees win 5-4

Nice day for:

Bird: 2/3 with 2 homeruns on the day

Tough go:

Fowler-CF: 0/3 with 2 strikeouts

Andujar: 0/3 with 2 strikeouts

Cessa: Tough start today, 2 innings but giving up 3 hits, 2 ER and only striking out 1 with a BB to boot.


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