Movie Teaser Wednesday?

Netflix breaking barriers

Alright this looks fucking good. We got Brad Pitt, the legend. Is he as much a legend as Jim Street? Yes he is. We’ll be doing a Troy walk-through just like the SWAT walk-through in the next few weeks.

On to the teaser:

This movie is starring Pitt as Gen. Dan McMahon based on the real life General Stanley McChrystal.

We get a quick preview but all we can tell is that Pitt is going to play a fucking bad ass.

It is based on the book The Operators where a journalist (Michael Hastings) travels w/ General McChystal and his team in April of 2010.

I love when movies are based on books, obviously the source material has to be good though which it seems to be.I’m interested in how it will be adapted and how closely it will stay to the source material.

Watching “War Dogs” after reading the books shows that movies stray a lot from the source when they want to just have a good baseline that they can enhance. Netflix has been putting out high quality TV and Movies so I think they will actually stay pretty close to the source material.


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