Hansen to San Jose for Prospect and Pick

Well another busy night at the trade deadline and now Hansen, a winger for the Canucks, is being traded to San Jose for a conditional fourth round pick and Nikolay Goldobin.

Goldobin is a pretty good prospect and a former 1st round pick. He has 15 goals and 41 points in 46 games in the AHL this year.

The 4th round pick becomes a 1st round pick if San Jose wins the Cup this year.

This is a pretty hefty price to pay for a winger who only has 13 points in 28 games. Career wise he only has 235 points in 565 games so this seems like a pretty big over-payment for a small quick 30 year old forward.

This seems like an over-payment, even if SJ wins the cup just because of the level of Goldobin and the 1st round pick.

If it’s a 4th round pick that means SJ didn’t win the cup and it wouldn’t have been worth it anyway. San Jose is in win or bust mode.

They need to go for it so it seems like an overpayment, but if it works out it works out.

This is going to be an interesting trade to look back on in 5 years that’s for sure.



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