Habs add Ott, Deal Desharnais to EDM

Habs added Steven Ott, sandpaper guy, sending a 6th round pick to Detroit. Decent trade to get a 4th liner/healthy scratch player for the stretch run.

The Habs also acquired defenseman Brandon Davidson from EDM in return for forward David Desharnais.

Davidson is another corsi strong player but doesn’t really put up a lot of points. I have my own issue with corsi but if you’ve got a good corsi and not bad starting-zone stats you cant be that bad. Davidson also has come back from an injury this year and hasn’t quite rounded into form.

Desharnais seems like he’s been around forever. He has some skill and a good head but isn’t the fastest skater; he’s also only 5’7 and 171 lbs.He’s only played in 31 games and has only put up 10 points. He’s 30 years old so gives the young Oilers some more veteran input. He’s probably play on the 4th line but maybe moved up to third line C if there are any injuries but I doubt it.


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