Democrat flops his rebuttal


“The Democrat giving the response to President Trump’s congressional address Tuesday seemed to have forgotten what party he was representing — when he inexplicably called himself a Republican during his address.

“I’m a proud Democrat, but first and foremost, I’m a proud Republican, and Democrat, and mostly, American,” former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear said via telecast from a diner in his home state.

It was not clear why Beshear called himself a “proud Republican,” but the small group of supporters surrounding him did not seem to balk as he flip-flopped affiliations.

Beshear did two terms as Kentucky governor and one as lieutenant governor, in addition to four years as the state’s attorney general and six in the its legislature — all as a Democrat.”

“Look honey I’m on TV addressing the Nation in one of our most tumulious times in our Nation’s history and………I’m dead.”

What an IDIOT. GOD.


Hey maybe he’s planning to switch over, or maybe he was trying to make it seems like the two sides were coming together, either way it’s going to be something to laugh at for today.

Check out the video 




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