Oduya back to Chicago

Well Johnny Oduya is headed back to the Blackhawks for a 4th round pick that can become a 3rd round pick. Dallas is also retaining 50% of Oduya’s salary

Oduya is coming home to Chicago and is just what the hawks need. The salary retention helps Stan Bowman to make another move, but it probably won’t be for Sharp.

Oduya is a defensive defenseman who has been injured this year. He has recently come off an ankle injury and I guess Stan saw enough to go after him. Oduya has been playing about 20 minutes a night and will suit up on the Chicago 3rd pairing.

Dallas gets a 4th round pick that could possibly become a 3rd based on Chicago playoff results and Oduya playing time.

This is a win-win for both teams and is smart for Dallas, Chicago was the team that fit Oduya the best and probably the best return they could get.

Again this is the market for these types of depth defenseman. Very similar to the Benn trade but costs less than the Smith to New York trade.


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