NHL Trade Deadline: Central: Colorado

Well this has been a wild deadline so far and it’s not even Wednesday yet. I’m sure things will slow down as it gets closer to the deadline, but so far it’s been exciting.

The Avs are in rebuild mode, but luckily they have the talent and assets to rebuild on the fly, as long as Sakic doesn’t mess it up.

Who’s going?

Duchene: He plays up the middle for the Avs and has 16 goals and 20 assists on the year. He is a youngish player at only 26 years old but carries a $6MM cap hit. The avs are looking for young players both on the back end and at forward as one of the thinnest teams in the league.Colorado should expect a pick and a blue chip prospect in return for the talented Duchene and should at least get what Shattenkirk just got for the Blues as Duchene has term left on his contract.

Colorado has a great prospect pool right now but they all are a few years away from being called up.

Landeskog:Landeskog is pretty young at only 24 years old. Another former first round pick he has only 26 points in this disappointing year. He should get a decent return of a 1st round pick plus a later round pick. I  doubt Colorado gets a deal like Arizona did for Hanzal but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get more than Tampa did with Boyle. Look for a contender to try and scooop him up. He has 4 years left on his deal after this year so maybe he gets more since he has term, the downside is that its at $%.57 per year, which if he doesn’t improve would be a tough pill to swallow.

Iginla: A later round pick should get the services of this legend. Iginla has been chasing a cup over the past few years but hasn’t gotten it. He came to Colorado after they won the Central because they were an up and coming team led by a Stanley Cup winning goalie, and one of the greatest goalies of all time as their coach. It didn’t work out and now Colorado is rebuilding. Look for the Caps if they can afford him under the Cap as a deadline play.


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