NHL Trade Deadline: Central-Dallas

This is going to be pretty quick because I underestimated the time it takes and I would rather spend that time on more interesting teams.

Dallas is in sell mode. They made a nice move trading Eaves to ANA and a nice move trading Jordie Benn to Montreal.

Next up is Sharp, Oduya, and Hudler.

Hudler scored 31 goals a couple years ago but hasn’t found that success yet in Dallas.He only had 10 points in 26 games but carries a marginal cap hit. He could be a good 4th line/pp option for a team but would probably be more of a healthy scratch in the playoffs.

Sharp: Has had some concussion issues this year and has only 15 points in 36 games. Sharps time in Dallas hasn’t been all that bad but this year has been a bit of a letdown. He has a 5.9MM cap hit which may take some teams out of the running unless Dallas retains some salary.

Chicago is a natural fit nut who knows if they can absorb the cap, or if they are even done making moves.

Oduya: Really good depth defenseman but also has been hurt this year. Oduya has only 7 pts in 37 games so he won’t help offensively. He can play some strong smart hockey though on the backend which will help any contender.

Chicago again has been rumored as a landing spot and Oduya has a more manageable cap hit of $3.75MM

Besides Chicago there are a lot of contenders. Maybe the Rangers call on Oduya. I doubt the Habs make another move right now but Ottawa seems to be going for it. Toronto just acquired Boyle and they need help on the back end. In the west ANA is stacked on defense but really needs a good winger to play on their 3rd/4th line as they have a below average offense. They have the draft picks to make a move but don’t have the cap space. Ana also just made a move for Eaves so I think they are done making moves right now.

The kings could be in the market for either a forward or a defenseman. They are definitely in the rental market since their cap gets tight after this year, and only $3MM in deadline space right now.

The market is open in Dallas.

Look for Dallas to make some moves before the expansion draft as well as they are a team who is transitioning on the fly. They have the talent to be a contender but they need to fix their defense and penalty kill. They have the worst penalty kill in the league by far


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