Yankees Spring Training 2/27

new-york-yankeesAlright another day for baseball as the Yankees will be taking on the Orioles.

Here is the link to the lineup

Hicks lf-Another day for Hicks to show us something, anything that can get him into the lineup everyday-I’m betting that doesn’t happen

Romine c-Rotating evey other day with Sanchez it seems

Bird dh-Bird must be feeling good, another start so things must be going well

Judge rf-Our hopeful opening day right fielder. Another HR in store today?

Refsnyder 1b-Most interesting part of the lineup. If Refsnyder can play a good defensive first base could he crack the opening day roster? Probably not. But it is a good sign that Joe is being creative and trying to get guys in different situations.

Tejada 2b-Ruben Tejada, former met, if he makes the opening day roster it will be purely as a utility player/defensive replacement

Andujar 3b-Showed some life in the bat and is clearly liked by Girardi. Not sure if he will be able to take Headley’s job, most likely will report to AA or AAA, but a good sign to be starting again today.

Fowler cf-Another guy pushing for playing time but should start in AA or AAA this year.

Mateo ss-Getting the start at short is interesting. Look for mateo to be playing all different positions this year.

Let me hear your thoughts on the lineup/these players


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