Shattenkirk to Washington: Surprise Monday

Kevin Shattenkirk has been traded to the Caps for a 2017 1st rounder, 2018 2nd rounder and Zanch Sanford. STL will retain salary as well.

This is a terrible deal for the Blues who may have just gotten trigger happy. The fact that Hanzal got more than a right handed offensive defenseman for Shattenkirks’ caliber is a failure for STL fans.

STL got worked in this trade by not even getting a Capitals top prospect and by just getting a late first in a weak draft.

The caps get a great deal and are all in. The Caps will have a lot of salary cap issues this off-season so winning now is really their only chance at getting Ovechkin a cup. This trade would be worth it for the Caps in a normal year but especially so this year.

Yes Shattenkirk is a rental but he immediately makes the Caps the favorites in the entire NHL for the Cup

Overall STL needed to move Shattenkrik but they could’ve waited for a better deal, in my opinion.

The Caps took advantage and now are in the drivers seat.



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