Gary Sanchez Defensive God

Just want to leave these two defensive plays right here:

Click this link since MLB won’t let me embed

First great jump by Jon Berti  who already has a SB this spring and is trying to make the Blue Jays roster as a 27 year old 2nd baseman.

First notice the pitch, its a curve ball that Sanchez catches, moves to his throwing hand a delivers a strike on the money at 2nd.

Great footwork too: sancehz-footwork

Good tag by Didi and that’s all she wrote

The second caught stealing was in the same inning. Why people run on Sanchez I don’t know.

First notice that Sanchez is lining up outside and the pitch misses up and in. Sanchez quickly moves his feet, catches, transfers and squares his shoulders to second. We don’t see the jump from this view but even if it was bad that catch and transition motion is great.Sancehz footwork 2.JPG

Look at the foot positioning and the shoulders being square in both images.

Another strike right on the money and the Yanks are out of the inning. Sanchez’s footwork is really want makes this play happen.


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