Boyle to Toronto: Update

Well the trade season is off and running as Bob McKenzie is saying that a trade is pretty much done between Tampa and Toronto.

I was wrong again about the leafs, instead of adding I thought they were going to either stay patient or make a big move.

I did say Boyle was going to be traded but everyone knew that.

What Toronto gets is a third line center who can also play the wing. Boyle is a former Ranger and now former Lightning who has a ton of playoff experience, which will help the young leafs. I can’t remember the last time the leafs made the playoffs. I do remember them giving up that 3-1 lead to Boston though, was that the last time they made them?

Anyways Boyle can do more than just win faceoffs and give advice. He’s a player who loves to get physical, weighing in at 244lbs.He can also put the puck in the net, 13 goals on the year, but that isn’t his main skill. He’s really just a good hockey player who plays both ends of the ice well.

Tampa is getting a 2nd round pick and Bryon Froese.

The second round pick is a nice haul for a pending UFA that wasn’t going to resign with Tampa. Froese is a prospect that hasn’t really been talked about and therefore I’m going to conclude he would just be a depth forward for Toronto in the future, not much to give up for the Leafs.

Boyle is more than a 4C and getting him for just a 2nd rounder is a good deal for Toronto. I’m sure that Tampa wanted to get a better deal, not the same deal as Arizona but something like it.

What does this do for the market: Sets the market for playoff-experienced forwards who can play C on the bottom 6 at a 2nd rounder minimum. There are a lot of pending UFA forwards out there and a 2nd rounder is a pretty good haul. The sellers market continues to be a sellers market


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