Alex Burrows to Ottawa? Update-YES

Update: Burrows to the Senators, he has waived his NTC and will be signing a 2 year extension worth 2.5MM per year.

Ottawa is sending Johnathan Dahlen in return for Burrows

Well the Senators are trying to get into the mix as well.

Montreal fires their coach

Toronto makes a move for Boyle

Now the Seantors are working a trade for Burrows

I do not like Alex Burrows. He is a scumbag and not the Sean Avery type of scumbag, more the Tom Poti scumbag. He whines, he dives, and he’ll go at your head. He does have size and physicality though which Ottawa needs. Ottawa is also dealing with a ton of injuries.

Burrows is a FA after this year so look for this to just be a playoff rental. He should command a 2nd round pick only since he can only play the wing. Ottawa has the cap space for him but doesn’t have a second round pick in either this year or next. Maybe they do a 3rd or a 3rd and conditional 6th that can become a 4th.

I still think Ottawa should take the long road but it seems like they want to win the Atlantic. On paper they aren’t a great team but I admire them for making a move like this.

I was right that they would make a depth move but wrong on the player. 

For Vancouver Dahlen is a former 2nd round pick and is only 19 years old. He is exactly what Vancouver is looking for as they try and rebuild their teams.

It seems that Ottawa fans hate this trade and I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t give up anything for Burrows especially in a year when they are still rebuilding. Dahlen looks legit but that’s just from his highlight videos.


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