Trade Update: Jurco to CHI

jurco-cellyTomas Jurco has been acquired by the Chicago Blackhawks for a third round pick in this years draft.

Jurco, formerly of the Detroit Red Wings, is a  young player who hasn’t developed and will give some depth to the stacked Blackhawks. The ‘hawks are trying to keep their dynasty rolling but have limited options right now. They only have $3MM in cap space so the Jurco deal, who only makes 900k fits their mold.

Jurco can play either wing but things are pretty set in Chicago right now. He may play on the 4th line or he may play on the third line if they want to get him with Toews.

Detroit is now officially in sell mode so we should see more coming from them. Even though Jurco is a RFA I guess Detroit didn’t want to resign him or thought he wouldn’t return a 3rd round pick of better.

I see this as a plain as day depth move and trying to catch lightning in the bottle. They traded for Richard Panik when he was thought to be done developing and have turned him into a quality hockey player, maybe they do the same with Jurco?



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