Trade Update Eaves to ANA

Dallas has just traded Patrick Eaves to the Anaheim ducks for a conditional 2nd round pick. Anaheim has struggled to score goals this year ranking 19th in the league. They have a closing window because Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf aren’t getting any younger so this is a clear lets win now move.

Eaves gives the ducks physicality which they love, a phenomenal beard, and an affinity to score goals with 21 on the season.

Anaheim gives up a conditional second round pick which in this weaker draft class is a good value for eaves. The conditions depend on draft position, Dallas will receive the middle pick of Ottawa, SJ or Toronto 2nd round selections in 2017. If Anaheim advance to the third round and Eaves plays in 50% or more of their games the pick changes to the Ducks first round pick in 2017.This is a good deal for Dallas because they are clearly sellers and they get to replenish some of the assets they lost in the Kris Russell trade.

Overall B for ANA and a B+ for Dallas

This trade sets a nice market for UFA forwards, look for Brian Boyle to get the something similar if TB goes that route.


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