Blues Extend Berglund

Patrik Berglund has just signed a 5 year $19.25MM, paying him $3.85MM per year, contract that will keep him in St. Louis during his prime. Berglund has been with the Blues since they drafted him 25th overall in 2006. This deal will take him through his age 33-34 season

Berglund is having a pretty standard year for him, averaging 0.45 pts/game which is in line with his 0.47 pts/game career average. The difference between now and his career numbers is now he has a higher scoring rate than the past. His career high in goals was all the way back in 2011 where he plotted 22, he already has 17 this year. This is led by a 15.5 shooting % which may be a tad high, or it could be because he’s putting himself in better position to score goals.

Berglund plays center on the Blue’s second or third line averaging 15:38 per game of ice time. He wins 49.9% of face-offs which is fine for a third line center but not good enough to be trusted in big situations.

The 3.85MM cap hit is just a bit more than what he is making right now, so I think it is a pretty good compromise for both sides. Berglund gets some term and the Blues get a reasonable cap hit.

This is a smart move for a reliable two way center and gives the Blues a little more flexibility at both this trade deadline and before the expansion draft.


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