NHL Trade Deadline: Metro — Washington

Is this the year? That is what all caps fans are asking themselves, because if it’s not this year it may never happen for Ovi in Washington. They have dominated the league thus far with 87 pts in 59 games but more impressive is their +72 !! goal differential. They are a goal scoring, goal preventing machine. 2nd in goals per game, 1st in goals against, is this team going to get past the 2nd round, finally, or are they going to go the way of past Caps teams. Led by Ovechkin who has quietly amassed 27 goals this year, the caps are in prime position to go deep into the playoffs. Ovi is actually only playing 18 minutes a game, keeping him fresh for a playoff run. Backkstrom is palying some of his best hockey proving he is a top 10 Center and T.J Oshie is having another great year already with 24 goals. This yeam offensivly is a monster with Kuznetsov, Johannson, Williams all with 14 goals or more.


On the backend they are led by Matt Niskanen, Carlson, Orlov and Alzner all playing 19:42 or more a night making it easy for Stud goalie Brandon Holtby. Holtby has shown why he is a Vezina winner with another good year.

What are they? All in buyers.

The Caps own their own 1st round pick, 4th-7th in 2017

2018: all picks except their own 2nd rounder

2019: all picks

They have the assets to go get some players, but their cap space may limit that.

The Caps are playing so well that they may not want to mess with their chemistry and only add some depth options.

The Caps have some pending UFA including TJ Oshie, Williams, Winnik, and Alzner. Oshie and Williams combine for 37 goals and will be hard to resign, therefore they are all in.

Trade Targets:

Not sure if they should really do much besides add some depth players. They haven’t been linked to anyone and with their cap situation they will need another team to retain a lot of salary driving the price up.

Overall the Caps are in such a position that they are probably going to have a slow deadline. Best team in the league may want to pick up someone like Brian Boyle to give a little playoff ferocity. They may want to target Smith (DET) to give some more depth on the blue line so they can limit the minutes to Alzner or Orpik.


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