NHL Deadline Trade: Shattenkirk


Kevin Shattenkirk: He is all but gone from STL apparently. We knew going into this season that he wasn’t going to resign with STL but we did not know if they were going to trade him or try and ride him out for a nice playoff run.

(When you realize you have to pack up your house and move to Edmonton)


Shatty is an offensive defenseman and a right handed shot, which is going for a premium right now. Based on the Stone to Calgary deal and the Hainsey to Pittsburgh deal it will probably cost either a highly rated prospect and a first round pick or a NHL young NHL caliber player and a pick. STL is in a tough position because they know he isn’t going to resign but they have played well after the firing of coach Ken Hitchcock. He is slated to be traded but and the question is to who? Really any of the teams with the cap space would want him but I’m not sure they would give up the value needed

The Rangers would love him but it seems like they want to hold on to their first round pick this year and their young talented forwards, plus why trade for him when he is favored to sign in NY after the season? A JT Miller for Shatty trade makes sense for the blues but not for the rangers. Really no trade makes sense for the Rangers unless its some like Fast+Lindberg which would just get Gorton laughed out of the door.

Boston: Dark-horse candidate. After dropping out of negotiations with Colorado, Boston is looking for a deal. They would need to resign him for this to make any sense as they really aren’t Cup contenders right now. They have Chara who is really getting up there in age but is still playing well. They also have Torey Krug and Carlo, both developing nicely. They have some good defensive prospects highlighted by Charlie McAvoy who should see NHL time in the next couple years. He was instrumental in World Juniors Championship this year as well. A deal here would set up the Bruins nicely on the back-end but would cost them a package that they may not want to give up. If they knew they would sign him then maybe they make the move. It may cost a young forward like Pasta but based on how good he’s been I’m not sure Boston wants to give him up. Plus can Boston afford to give up this flow?

pasta flow.jpg

Edmonton: The up and coming Oilers are playing some good hockey this year and side in 2nd place in the Pacific division. They obviously are led by superstar Conor McDavid who is having a phenomenal year. The key move the Oilers made this summer was trading Taylor Hall to NJD for Adam Larsson. This deal have stabilized the blue line for the Oilers but why not double down on it? Could they add Shatty for someone like Eberle or RNH? I’m not sure which side would do that, especially without a Shatty extension, but it is something to think about. People forget larsson plays for the oilers, 99% of his google images are him with the devils. So here is a picture of his flow


Toronto: This would be a great landing spot. Toronto is lacking in depth on the blue line to go with their immensely talented group of forwards. Toronto has been acquiring picks and talented prospects over the last three years so maybe this is where they cash in some of those chips? Toronto is not 100% in win-now mode but they will be over the next few years. They have the cap space for this year but if they wanted to get frisky they could do a straight hockey trade: JVR for Shattenkirk. JVR only has one more year left at 4.25MM so his salary would match Shattenkirk’s. The issue is the blues may not want that cap his for next year. If TOR was able to retain salary then maybe it works, TOR sells some talent up front for some talent on the back.

Here are four teams that may trade for Shattenkirk. We will see what happens but regardless it should be intersting


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