NHL Trade Deadline: Atlantic — Ottawa

The Ottawa Senators are up next in the first annual NHL Trade Deadline write-up

All anyone needs to know about Ottawa can be summed up in one picture Erik-Karlsson-e1412724503199.jpg

By God it is beautiful

Draft Assets:

2017: 1st, 3rd, 4th

2018: 1st, 3rd-7th. additional 7th (NYR)

2019: 1st-7th

Alright back to the team: The Senators are sitting in 2nd in the Atlantic Division only two points back of the Habs. They have a slightly above average goal differential but rank 18th in goals per game compares to 12th in goals against, clearly they need some offense.

The Sens are led upfront by Mark Stone, Kyle Turris, Derrick Brassard, Mike Hoffman, and an oft injured Bobby Ryan, who is having a down year. The issue right now though is half of those guys are hurt. Ryan is out 4-6 weeks, Hoffman has a groin injury (but considered day to day), and Mark Stone is out with a Neck injury. Stone and Hoffman rank 2nd and 4th in total points for the year so it will be a tough pill to swallow until they are back to 100%.

On the back end the Sens are led by one of the best players in the league, the legendary Erik Karlsson.


Karlsson is my favorite player in the NHL for a couple reasons, he can skate like a mad-man and he can dish the puck. He is lethal on the powerplay and if the game goes to overtime watch out because he can FLY up the ice.

The knock on Karlsson has always been that he’s more like a forward than a defenseman even though he has greatly improved his defensive positioning, stick checking, and awareness over the last few years.

Also on the backend is Dion Phaneuf, the former Calgary and Toronto punching bag. Everything in Toronto fell on Phaneuf because he signed a huge contract and really did not live up to the hype, it’s not his fault the Toronto front office was a group of morons. Luckily he got out of that hell-hole (formerly) and traded to Ottawa.

Ottawa also has Cody Ceci, Mark Methot, and Chris Weideman on the backend. Ceci is a pretty good defenseman but I am not sure on Methor and Wideman. Advanced stats say that Methor, Wideman, and Ceici are all pretty poor, this is an area needing an upgrade.

Goaltending: Craig Anderson has been going through a lot as his wife was recently diagnosed with Cancer. I wish the best to Craig, Nicole, and the Anderson Family.

Mike Condon is the 2nd goaltender but has been playing as the first. He has been great this year and has been working himself into more playing time. Even though on the season he sports a .918 save percentage he has been one of the main reasons that Ottawa has hung in it this far this year.

Ottawa has a ton of cap space BUT they are a budget team, I do not see them making a huge move to add a lot of salary right now, unless they think they have a chance at a cup.

Trade Targets: I mentioned Vanek in the Montreal write-up but just to mention him here as well, he would add some scoring for Ottawa and not break the bank money wise. The issue is that he is most likely a rental and will be priced out of the Sens talent wise. I do not think the Senators are going to gear up for a cup run as of this moment.

Perron: I saw this name floating around and while he would be a good winger to add I don’t think STL moves him. They are right in the playoff mix right now and it is a little bit different than the Shattenkrik situation, as there is virtually no chance Shattenkirk resings with STL.

Hansen (VAN): Have seen this name around the r/ottawasenators trade thread and he would fill some of the needs for Ottawa. Would play on the 2nd,3rd or 4th line while soaking up some 2nd unit PK duties.With the market shaping up with very few sellers and a lot of buyers adding Hansen right now would turn out like this:trading for hansen.jpg

In truth I don’t really see Ottawa doing much  this year. They made two big acquisitions with Phaneuf and Brassard losing draft picks in the process. If I were the GM I would try and actually SELL some assets while they have value. Ottawa is going to have to go through a loaded east and they really don’t have the speed or depth up front or on the backend to compete right now.

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